Kaitlyn Ciancio

Social Media Manager:
Kaitlyn Ciancio

Kaitlyn graduated with a degree in journalism and public relations from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2020. Before graduating, she interned with both Planful Marketing and WestPACS — both based in Indiana, Pa. — focusing on social media management and content creation. Kaitlyn has a passion for using her strategic communication skills to help small businesses find their voice and grow their online presence. 

When she's not in a cafe reading her AP Stylebook, she can be found napping with her cat or taking photographs of her friends.

Things to know about me:

Social Media Strategy Lover

I believe not all platforms are the same and not all clients are the same. This is why I develop an online strategy that is specific to each client. A strategy will set the foundation for online success. 

Based in Indiana, Pa.

Currently, I am living in Indiana, Pa., but I generally consider Western Pennsylvania my home. I will mainly be working with small business in the areas of Irwin, Greensburg, Blairsville and Indiana.

Queen Copyeditor

To me, typos are a sure way to lower the influence of your online presence. Because of this, I always keep my AP Stylebook handy and review everything before it goes out.