Katey Crean

Social Media Specialist:
Katey Crean

Hi there! I'm Katey...your very own social butterfly. I am all about community and creating connections. Social media audiences love to see the faces behind organizations making a difference and forging their own paths to success. I love creating content for my clients that speak their audience and tell their story.

You'll usually find me working with an iced chai latte in hand — or a Spicy Rainbow Sherbet cocktail from Big Spring Spirits after hours.

Dream clients:
nonprofits + coffee shops + wedding planners

Awards received:
Organic Social Media Management (Centre County United Way) - [CP]² Bracket Awards 2020

Things to know about me:

Expert Organizer

Color coding and categorizing tasks is how I ensure tasks are completed effectively and efficiently, so that deadlines are met. In fact, I should probably buy stock in Post-It.

Queen of Content

I'm all about writing content that speaks to the different aspects of your business as well as your demographics. Ask me about creating content buckets that support your mission.

Based in Bellefonte

Your business's social should reflect the sense of community around your location and #FocusonLocal. After all, people buy from people and authenticity is the heartbeat of social media.