Sean Yoder

Content Creator
Sean Yoder

Words, words, words. I never planned to be a professional writer — but here we are. I was first led into journalism because I enjoyed telling true stories and learning about the mundane and arcane alike. Now working in the world of digital communications, I like to help clients of all kinds build their narrative and tone and convey their values concisely without the frippery of repetitive buzzwords. I graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and public relation. I then worked for several regional newspapers and magazines on a general beat covering schools, crime, government, higher education, and human interest stories.

Dream clients:
Any client that lets me learn something new

I'm an expert in:

Explaining Systems

What might seem like a mundane aspect to your business might actually be interesting to outsiders. I like to help clients find the interesting gems they didn’t know they had then explain them to potential customers.

Interviewing Subjects

I’ve been interviewing subjects for more than a decade, and for some people it’s the best way for them to display their passion and knowledge on a subject. Let’s chat.

Where the Story Is

Board rooms, political rallies, courtrooms, farms, sawmills, sewage treatment and industrial chemical plants: these are just a few of the places I’ve been in to gather a story. I’ll meet you where your business is happening.